Activities around Bhainsrorgarh Luxury Fort Hotel in Rajasthan

Bhainsrorgarh is an explorer's haven. Excursions to Bundi Fort, rowing out to the river island for a picnic lunch, hikes to the 9th century Badoli temples are some of the popular activities. Of course one can be equally content sun bathing in the immense lawns of the fort or tucked under the Jharoka of your suite with the river, a sublime vision at touching distance.

Badoli Temple Complex:

The Baroli or Badoli Temples are a work of architectural brilliance. Though the history of the Baroli Temples is not very clear, they are reported to have been built during the Gurjara- Pratihara Empire in the 9th/10th - 11th centuries. British Historian Col. James Tod, in his Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan which is a compilation of the History of Rajasthan wrote that these temples were built by the Huns who ruled this area during the 9th century AD. They are one of the earliest temple complexes in Rajasthan. A carved stone image of the god Nataraja was stolen from the Baroli temple complex in 1998. It has been traced to a private collector in London. However, the statue has not been recovered so far.

The Baroli Temples are of great architectural interest, consisting of temple structures built in the Gurjara-Pratihara architectural style, with exquisitely carved stonework. They are in differing stages of upkeep, with some in a semi-ruined state. There are 8 major temples in Baroli and a ninth about one kilometre away. Four temples are dedicated to Shiva (including Ghateshwara Mahadeva Temple), two to Durga and one each to Shiva-Trimurti (Trinity), Vishnu and Ganesha.

The Nataraja (Natesha) images carved in these temples are similar to those seen at Upramala. The sculpture has 16 arms and its headdress is matted. There is a large diadem carved at the centre top of the skull, which is "garnished with beaded swags." The facial features are very fine, with high arched brows and full mouth. This temple complex is just 15 minutes drive (8Kms) from Bhainsrorgarh Fort. Duration of this activity is about 02 Hours.

River Cruise:

Boating in the river in a comfortable country boat for about 1.15 Hours. Usually this one is enjoyed early morning or in the evenings when there is more bird activity. Muggers (Crocodiles) can also be seen basking in the sun on the shores/ the island or popping their heads out from the water while you are boating in the Chambal River. The boatmen will take you around the island in the Chambal and to tributary of the Chambal called the Bamani River along the Fort wall which is partially submerged in water. We can also serve you tea and coffee on board.

We organize cooking demonstrations at the property where we cook and share our authentic recipes with the guests. We can also arrange for the guests to go shopping for spices to the nearby town market, procure all the ingredients and cook with us.

Sunset Safari:

Jeep drive to the tribal villages: Bhainsrorgarh's proximity to the Chambal River has resulted in a picturesque landscape dotted with small villages. A ride through the country side in an open four-by-four takes you through farms of wheat and mustard, typical villages under local governance and a tribal village which continue to live without electricity. The drive that takes you over half an hour from the fort finally ends near the village of Balapura that rests by the edge of a reservoir. Ideally timed before sunset, tea and biscuits are organized for guests while they take in the beauty and tranquility of a sunset in the country side - birds settling down to the day's end, stealthy jungle cats getting ready for their nocturnal prowls, village sounds of temple bells and the hustle of evening chores. Duration: 02 Hours


Picnic Lunches on an island from where one can site Mugger Crocodiles. Mugger sighting from your room or from the Terrace also is a regular feature. Apart from this Island we also organize picnics at one our lakes in the forest nearby. Also, on special request we can arrange for cooking session while on picnic where we cook some of the jungle recipes with limited ingredients reminiscent of the hunting camps during the Raj.


Angling can be done in Chambal River, where you can hook the popular Mahseer Fish or the Silund which also is a fierce fighter once hooked.

Hingalajgarh Fort and Mukundara Hills National Park:

A day picnic at the Hinglaj Garh Fort which is tucked in thick forest. The approach to this fort is through the forest which makes the drive highly pleasurable. On the way you can spot Chinkaras and Blue Bulls or if lucky you could also sight a sloth bear or a Leopard. Duration: A days excursion. The guest leave after breakfast and return back by 1600 Hrs.

Game drive in the Mukundara Hills National Park. Though there are less chances of spotting many wild animals but the drive is very scenic and there are a lot of birds. It is unique from other game reserves as you can walk also and you do not get to see any other tourist vehicles unlike all the other parks. This park has been declared as a Tiger Reserve in April 2013 therefore very soon Tigers would be trans - located here. Duration: 05 to 06 Hours.

Rates for Activities: (Per Person - Minimum Charges are for 02 Pax)

Boat Ride in Chambal River: ₹ 900.00

Jeep Safari OR Visit to Tribal Villages by Jeep: ₹ 1500.00

Picnic at the Lake: ₹ 3000.00

Visit to Badoli Temples: ₹ 1000.00

Game Safari in the Mukundara Hills National Park (20 Kms from the Hotel): ₹ 5000.00 (Inclusive of Park Entry Fees)

Cooking Session:₹ 1500.00

Chambal River Safari by Motor Boat:₹ 7500.00 (Inclusive of Picnic Breakfast)

18% GST Extra